New Patients

Adult patient evaluation is a one-hour long session during which I conduct a clinical interview with the goal of arriving at a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. At times more than one visit may be necessary for cases that are complicated.

Child or Adolescent patient evaluation is typically completed in two separate visits, each of which is one-hour long. The first session is with the child/teen and parents together, but I spend the bulk of the time speaking to the child/teen alone. For the second visit I meet with the parents alone for the initial part, and then with parents and child/teen together at the end to provide feedback about diagnosis and discuss available treatment options. At times more visits may be necessary for cases that are complicated or if full discussion of treatment plan cannot be completed at the second session.

Patients and their families are a vital part of the treatment team, and I never make unilateral recommendations without having a thoughtful discussion with you. Your treatment plan is highly individualized and may consist of therapy (either with me or continued with your current therapist if you are already working with a therapist), lifestyle changes, TMS and/or medication.

Patient Registration

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